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Mitchell Cook Essay

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Extended Response Task – Wind Energy

Select a specific alternative electricity production method and detail the physics concepts, benefits and issues.

“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy” Quote Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this persuasive exposition it will convey Wind Energy should be instrumental in the near future as a primary sustainable green energy. There will be physic concepts applied to grasp a deeper understanding of this resource and how it can be used to achieve maximum potential with the least negative environmental impact and positive economical value.

The wind turbine is a green, sustainable and a renewable energy source but what’s inside of a wind ...view middle of the document... statistics, Australia has many wind farms under development but presently we have 50 wind farms and 700 turbines in operation. Throughout the country over 1000 megawatts of wind energy is produces and another 6000MW in development. These statistics creates over 2500 gigawatt-hours of electricity enough to generate power to 348 000 homes or with a bigger picture 80% of Adelaide’s domestic consumption.

The picture below identifies the past and present wind turbines therefore showing the bigger the blades are, the more Kw are harvested.

Similarly this picture below distinguishes how much GWh was generated from 1999-2012. Which conveys that Australia has less wind turbines in operations.

In 2011, through the continent of Europe, wind power has prevented 140 million tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to taking 71 million vehicles off the road. In the near future Europe is planning to install 213 GW of wind energy, these plans could avoid 316 Mt of CO2, which is approximately three quarters of todays Europe’s car fleets. These statistics should be closely looked at by other countries and taking into serious consideration for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With wind energy looking to be the best opportunity for worldwide corporations, land area doesn’t come easy. For a 1 MW turbine is 50-70m in height, 30m in blade diameter and a 2-3 MW turbine will need 60-80m in height, 40-50m-blade diameter. According to Wind Prospect’ for every turbine needs to be roughly 450 meters apart. With developments of wind energy worldwide, this is an excellent source of local jobs from construction to maintenance and upkeep.
Likewise, the growth in jobs will bring economic evolution to our government and it will be sustainable source of income to Australia. The cost of a commercial sized 2 MW wind turbine will roughly cost $3-4$ million. These investments will be paid off in the...

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