Mitigate The Vehicle Collision By Aiding Of Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems

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In this study, a unique vehicle dynamic/crash mathematical model is proposed and developed to study the effect of vehicle dynamics on vehicle crash scenarios. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Active suspension (AS) control system are also co-simulated with the mathematical model to optimize the vehicle dynamic characteristics for imminent impact in a way that help improve vehicle impact characteristics and mitigate its collision. Validation of the vehicle crash structure in the proposed mathematical model is achieved to ensure that the modelling of crumble zone gives accurate results. It is demonstrated from this simulations that the vehicle dynamic response and crash scenario can be captured and analyzed fast and accurately. Also the results showed that the deformation of the crumple zone as well as the vehicle body pitch angle and acceleration can be minimized.

Keywords: dynamic analysis, control, collision mitigation, mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, vehicle dynamics.

1 Introduction

Motor vehicle safety is the most important point of research in these days. In the terms of vehicle dynamics, vehicle movement is controlled by the vehicle dynamic control systems (VDCS) which improve the vehicle ride, stability and safety. ABS and yaw moment control are used to help vehicle stability during emergency manoeuvres, while AS control system is used to improve vehicle ride performance. Also AS control system integrated with ABS is used to reduce vehicle stopping distance. On the other hand seat belts, air bags and Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) are developed to mitigate the vehicle collision in the case of the crash is occurred. In addition the vehicle front and side structures are continuously developed to improve crash energy absorbing.
In the issue of vehicle collision mitigation, many different techniques have been studied to investigate the possibility of the vehicle crash mitigation, such as ADAS [1, 2, 3, 4] and new front-end smart structures [5, 6, 7, 8]. ADAS is far away from its goal to prevent vehicle collision. Human factor, slow response of avoidable actuators, uncertainties measurements and insufficient real tests are the most important factors that obstruct the improvement of these systems. Also improvement of detection sensors and the preventative examination of the traffic surroundings are needed. On the other direction of mitigation the collision, frontal structure is optimized to prevent or minimise the deformation of the passenger compartment. In this way of the crash energy absorption, a frontal structure consisting of two special longitudinal members is discussed [9]. These members combine higher bending resistance characteristics without increasing the axial stiffness. Theses longitudinal members integrated with a progressive folding pattern is used [10] and a new multicell structure is proposed [11] to design a new frontal vehicle structure that can absorb more crash energy than...

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