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Mitigation Plan 1Mitigation Plan: Strategies and Solutions for Air PollutionSandra PerezAxia Collage University of PhoenixMitigation Plan 2Mitigation Plan: Strategies and Solutions for Air Pollution:Al through we have different types of environments issue I will focus in air pollution. I will present in detail what we know to be air pollution. I will discuss the sources, effects consequences and impacts in humans of air pollution. I will evaluate current strategies plans and possible solution of air pollution. I will develop a sustainability plan that will target environmental awareness and will help reduce the contributions that anyone may have for air pollution. I will discuss the benefits and challenge that may plan will have. Last, I will discuss all the necessary require of the government, societal, and global support to be able to become an environmental friendly society, and overcome the air pollution issue. We know all about air pollution; now we need to get involve, and find solutions, so we can become environmental friendly society.As define by the NASA Earth Observatory (n.d.) air pollution is "the existence in the air of substances in concentrations that are determined unacceptable." Air pollution has two different types of sources which are natural and human. The natural sources of air pollution are also known as "biogenic sources." (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2007) Some of the natural sources are volcanoes with emit gases to our atmosphere; lightening cases wildfires that emit gases and particles to the atmosphere, and even trees and vegetation emit pollen to our atmosphere. (EPA, 2007)Mitigation Plan 3Human activities are the major contribution to air pollution. As mentioned by the Algebra Lab (2003-2007) were they presented a chart with the air pollutants and the sources of it present in the U.S. with are shown below.As we can observe and interpret the chart and graphic human's activities are the major contributions to the air pollution. Other than the activities mentioned above, there are some activities at home that contribute to air pollution issue. We have some household products that contribute to air pollution. As mentioned by S.K. Jindal (2007) some of the indoor pollutants are "numerous exhaust vapors, particulate matter, gases, organic chemicals, spores, allergens, micro-organisms and various other substances. Fuel combustion, tobacco smoking, air conditioning, building and construction materials, paints, consumer products, pet animals, plants and people" are the major contribution to air pollution.Mitigation Plan 4All these sources have some impacts on humans with effects their health. These air pollutants can cause short-terms and long-terms health effects. As mentioned by S.K. Jindal (2007) some of these health issues are asthma, reparatory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and sick building syndrome. In addition, some of the human's organs can be affected by the long-term exposure to...

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