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Mixed Martial Arts Essay

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Mixed Martial Arts

     First off mixed martial arts is what it sounds like. It is a session between two opponents who have trained or cross trained in martial arts. Although mixed martial arts in not a mainstream sport, there is no reason why it should be banned in any state here in the United States. Like most, if not all sports, there are rules that one most abide by , the fights are sanctioned, so rules must apply. There are regulations and weight classes much like other sports. Mixed martial arts is considered to be the ultimate fighting method. To be considered an accomplished fighter you have to have skills in striking, take downs, submissions, stamina, but most of all you need heart.

     Mixed martial arts, or MMA, started back in the United States in 1993, and over 70 year ago in other countries. “The first mixed martial arts organization in the United States was the Ultimate Fighting Champion or UFC. Japan's biggest mixed martial arts organization is PrideFC, which started back in 1997,” (Doty 13). These may be the two largest mixed martial arts companies in the world. Back then and still today mixed martial arts have been the subject of arguable political debate. The people against mixed martial arts have had many arguments against the sport in the early to mid 90s. It even convinced several states to ban the sport. This was because when mixed martial arts first started there was little to no rules. This was a one-event night tournament, where any fighters that signed up would fight numerous matches in one night, in a single elimination style tournament until one champion was named. Two men entered an octagon arena and did whatever they had to do to knock out, or tap out their opponent. Mixed martial arts fighters could not bite, eye gouge, or fish hook, and fights could only end with a referee's stoppage, a knock out, or submission (Royce 6). Basically it was a street fight without weapons. In 2001 a major factor in the comeback of the sport, and the return of the sport to pay-per-view was the employ of a new set of rules. The unified rules of mixed martial arts combat, as drafted in New Jersey, and later adopted in Nevada 2001 were a welcome change to the sport. “The new rules featured five weight classes, rounds, time limits, a list of over 31 fouls, and eight possible ways for the fight to end,”(Walter, The unified rules of mixed martial arts combat have become the standard rules of not only the UFC, but of most major mixed martial arts promotions in the United States, such as king of the cage. MMA has now been adopted by many states, including New Jersey, Nevada, Florida, California and Louisiana. In order to understand why it was

necessary for the sport to adopt the unified rules of mixed martial arts combat, it is necessary to question the exact arguments that have been leveled at the sport. The sport has been called "barbaric" and labeled as "human cockfighting"(Doty 64). Beginning with Calvin...

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