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Mj, Le Bron, Kobe: You Decide Essay

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The National Basketball Association, otherwise known as the NBA, is an association that has allowed us to see some of the greatest athletes to ever play the game of basketball. When we think of NBA basketball or basketball period, we think about dunks, three pointers, and alley-oops but there was a unique element of basketball that players specialized in and brought to the NBA; specialties that players use today. John Stockton of the Utah Jazz made the element of passing truly known as an asset of a point guard. Julius Erving of the Philadelphia 76ers brought his electric, spectacular dunking ability to the NBA which influenced many future high-flying players, such as Dominique Wilkins and Shawn Kemp, and made the NBA a more exciting league to watch and be in. Charles Barkley, aka the Mound of Rebound, made an underrated trait, rebounding, his forte and made a path for future glass-eating big men such as Dennis Rodman and todays superstar power forward, Kevin Love. Dikimbe Mutumbo made his name known for his amazing and intimidating shot blocking ability and to add to it he celebrated by wagging his finger which became his signature. Then there was Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwan whose offensive post moves were practically unstoppable. All of these player who became legends had a specialty that made them great and they all had one place that gave their reputation before the NBA, college. NCAA basketball is where most players began to specialize in their signature abilities and build a reputation that would get them drafted to the big league. Out off all these players there was one from the University of North Carolina who could do a little bit of everything, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Throughout his college career, Michael Jordan became an absolute str. He was one of the most exciting basketball players people have ever seen. Once he got to the NBA and played for the Chicago Bulls, he instantly became a star. Through the years he got his own shoe line and was a pioneer of basketball shoes. Many believed there couldn’t be anyone better or maybe even being close to being as good as Michael as he asserted his dominance in the NBA. In 1996, after winning another NBA championship an 18 year old kid from Lower Merion High School skipped college to pursue his dream of being in the NBA. He was drafted as the 13th overall pick by the Charolette Hornets but was shortly traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. His stardom proved to be legit throughout his NBA career as he contended with Jordan being seen as the greatest ever. The young star’s name was Kobe “Bean” Bryant. The two superstars battled through the years and were put in the debate of which of them could be the greatest ever. But once everyone thought they had seen the best yet to come through the NBA, there was one more top talent who would come onto the scene. Even though he was still in high school, this kid got the taste of being a celebrity with all of the endorsements and deals. He was something that...

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