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Mlb And Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

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For decades Major League Baseball has been trying to eliminate performance enhancing drugs, but last year 13 MLB players tested positive. The issue with MLB players seems to be that the punishments they receive is not affecting their decisions on using performance enhancing drugs. MLB players using performance enhancing drugs make themselves local heroes, when they are no-good cheaters who should be banned for life. People think that increased suspensions may reduce the number of players getting caught using performance enhancing drugs, but no punishment schedule seems likely to eradicate PEDs from the game (Tygart). “Those players who have violated the program have created scurrility for ...view middle of the document...

Performance enhancing drugs have reached the point where our own generation is tempted to cheat the game of baseball.
Performance enhancing drugs, not only affect the athletes, but they also affect companies and advertising. 2023 was when Alex Rodriguez, third baseman for the New York Yankees, was issued a 211- game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. “Rodriguez had endorsement deals with Nike, Rawlings, and with Vita Coco, those companies dropped him in recent years, this companies lost millions and millions of dollars” (Bandenhausen). Major companies and advertising brands will now have trouble trusting MLB players, thus leaving a bad reputation to MLB. MLB’s response to its athletes and performance enhancing drugs is that if “A player who is suspended for a violation involving PED is ineligible to receive an automatic full share of the player’s pool provided to players on clubs who participate in postseason is also ineligible to vote on the distribution on the player’s pool” (Greenberg). All-star baseball players that attract companies for advertising will now not be paid and they will receive full punishments. Companies and advertising are not wasting their money on baseball players using...

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