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Malcolm X thought that African Americans should be able to have control over themselves.Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that someday whites and blacks can both sit at a table and treat each other with respect and civilization.These two men are both African American and have experienced racial conflicts with white either personally or as a family.
After hearing their life experiences it would be expected for both men to think the same while standing up for their race and for their governmental rights. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were both great leaders but with very different perspectives in life as an African American.
Malcolm X early life experience was complex Malcolm’s father was an organizer for Marcus Garvey's back to Africa movement which kept them under constant threat.After losing his father Malcolm started selling drug and breaking the law while living with his stepsister in Boston Massachusetts.While Malcolm was in jail he became influenced by a black muslim he changed his last name to “X’’.Malcolm was thought to be proud of his skin color and his African Heritage(Ladenburg, 2007).Martin Luther King Jr’s early life experience was very fortunate his father taught him the value of hard work and faith in God. Martin Jr. was rarely exposed to racial discrimination, Martin skipped to years of high school and attended an all black college(Ladenburg, 2007).These two men had distinct lives experiences as they grow up and that impact shows their motives and strategies to obtain civil rights for African Americans.
On the Role of Whites in the Civil Rights Movement for Malcolm was that wanted to alienate whites for any decision that had to do with African Americans because whites don’t have the solution to their problems(Ladenburg, 2007).On the Role of Whites in the Civil Rights Movement for Martin Luther King Jr. was that if racial injustice were to be solved they had to be considered “his problem; it is his problem because it is America's problem”(Ladenburg, 2007).Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X wanted to give African Americans power to make their own decision but Malcolm didn’t want whites involved and Martin...

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