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Mma And Social Control Essay

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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]MMA AND SOCIAL CONTROLMMA AND SOCIAL CONTROLINTRODUCTION: MMA AND SOCIAL CONTROL - possible subheading ideantroductionBlood, sweat, violence, and excitement: All words that have been used to describe mixed martial arts (MMA). Upon its creationAt its roots, MMA was non-regulated and its excitement was based on the violent nature of the sport. MMA, like all other sports faced- and still faces- challenges that stem fromof social control in Canada. The issue lies within the factin that social control, a mechanism or process that regulate behavior in an attempt to gain conformity to the rules of a given society tends to dramatically change the way a sport is played, or changes the sport too much, causing it tos failure. With theThe government isbeing the main catalyst of social control, and it is clear that the evolution of MMA has been limited in comparison to sports like lacrosse. The federal government attempted to ban MMA from Canada for reasons mainly based on the criminal code of Canada. They placed emphasis on the violent nature of the sport, the risk of injury to athletes, and utilized possible social differences between MMA and boxing. In order to see how social control has affected the sport of MMA, I will outline briefly the history of government regulation of violent sports in Canada, using boxing as an example. In addition I will argue that the lack of success of social control within Canada was due to the neutralizing effects of commercialization on social control.Historical Background of MMAISTO RCAL BACKGROUND OF MMA(SUBHEADING POSSIBLE IDEA)The history of MMA is extensive and can be traced back to Ancient Greece. During this time MMA was known as Pankration. Pankration was an amalgamation of both boxing and wrestling, which were the primary combat sports of Ancient Greece. (Milavic, 2010). In the early 20th century, a Judo master from Japan named Mitsuyo Maeda, from Japan, taught Gastao Gracie, a man from Brazil, the art of judo. Gastao Gracie would then pass on these lessons to his son Carlos, and brother Helio. The combat sport of Vale Tudo, which translates to "anything goes" was brought over to the USA in the 1920's from Brazil by the Gracies, who are said to be the originators of the MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) (Dooley, 2013). Increases in the variety of fighting styles, specifically striking (boxing) and jiu jitsu, led to the first UFC tournament in 1993. This tournament had few rules and no time limits and was won by Royce Gracie. Comment by Brandon Lue: Who is he? Where is he from?(I made this a new paragraph because it is a bit of a different subject)MMA in Canada is very limited in its history; however, the increase of MMA popularity in the USA evoked mixed martial artists from Canada to join the sport. Among thesose Canadians MMA artists that joined was the former welter- weight (175 pound) champion, George St. Pierre. As a result of the introduction of Canadian...

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