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Mma Fighting Essay

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combative sport that uses a variety of fighting skills to take down the opponent. The sport came to the US in 1993 with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is now recognized by 19 states. The remaining 31 states have left it to the communities to decide if they support it or not. Media coverage has made it more popular and more people are beginning to accept it as a conventional sport. Should Mixed Martial Arts (Ultimate Fighting) be banned? According to Susan Connors, she believes that “It’s nowhere near as awful as boxing. They’re not just trying to knock each other out but to take each other down as in wrestling...You get to tap out... They ...view middle of the document...

Some people believe that MMA fighting can be beneficial on economical and personal levels. Not only do Ultimate Fighting events earn money for the fighters, but money is also earned by the communities that hold the event. No sport in America has become so popular so quickly. In a study by John Hopkins University, only 28% of the fights studies ended in a blow to the head. A mere 3% ended with either of the fighters being treated for a concussion. Only 3 MMA fighters in history have died, compared to the 129 boxers that have died since 1960. Even though there is a potential for injury, most of the participants accept the sign of blood and overexertion as an everyday occupational hazard. Many also believe that fighting teaches great discipline, which is greatly needed in today’s societies. MMA officials are also taught to step in at the first sign a fighter is unable to retaliate. The people that support Ultimate Fighting believe that while there is hazard, there are also positive qualities in it. To many, the advantages outweigh the risks. In my opinion, MMA fighting should not be banned.
I have learned a lot of things about Ultimate Fighting and the perspectives of each party, but I still think it should not be banned. My point of view stayed the same, and if anything, got stronger. I believe that even if you ban MMA, people will still...

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