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The development of the concept of the "one best method " in Public Administration
Summery :
This paper talked about some concept and things related to scientific management and relationship between public administration . At First title the author argued the foundation of P.A which appeared in Woodrow Wilson 's article "The study of P.A". In this article , he called for using scientific management in the field of P.A and reinvention of government from the corrupting influences of spoils system .Also , He called to reforming and making P.A more efficient through development science of administration and he suggested the P.A should emulate the field of business as means "the field of administration is a field of business ".Wilson' article talked about other concept such as role of science , business like , efficiency and professionalism . Goodnow agreed with Wilson that we have to use of science to reform government .Goodnow argued that administrative functions of P.A should attend to technical, scientific & commercial activities to ensure most efficient performance applied by government .
At the second section , the author talked about Taylorism and scientific management and its impact on P.A so, the father of scientific management , Fredrick Taylor argued in his book "Principles of scientific management " that there is only one right way "Best method " to accomplish any task . The principles used to increase outcomes through fastest and most efficient method of production but these principles lost values , public and democracy of human . on other hand , Brownlow committee provided some managerial techniques to reform the performance of government . Taylorism not only shaped practice and also , theory by Willoughby and Leonard White . Fayol believed that there is a universal principles of administration work in both public & private sectors . Gulick & Urwrick talked about POSDCORB (Planning, Organizing , Staffing , Directing , Coordinating , Reporting and budgeting )functions . There are some limitations and problem of Taylorism such as Simon, talked that POSDCORB functions were inconsistent , conflicting and inapplicable in P.A , and Waldo argued that PSDCORB is not a neutral administrative doctrine and argued that the objective of P.A should focus on how to facilitate corporation between political & administrative domain . Also, Dabl argued that traditional science of administration was not able to deal adequately with values in P.A and there are other values to evaluate performance of P.A such as responsiveness in addition to efficiency ."The old wine in new bottle " this statement can describe the state of new P.A very well which new P.A talked about borrowing the tools and terms use in private sector to ensure efficient performance in public sector s, there 7 aspects of new P.A like professional management , standardization, emphasis on output controls and so on.Core emphasized that entrepreneurial organizations within public sector is...

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