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Mmpbl Program Management Worksheet Essay

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Strategic Program Management Worksheet


Jerry D. Kilpatrick

March 1, 2010

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Strategic Program Management Worksheet

Table for Assignment One

A: Concept

B: Application of Concept in Scenario

C: Citation of Concept in Reading

Example from Global Communications Scenario in MBA/500:

Building Organizational Commitment, which is developed through the activities of:

Justice & support

Job security

Organizational comprehension

Trusting employees

Example from Global Communications Scenario in MBA/500:

Sy states that Global Communication's competitive edge is drawn from loyal employees, but what will be the effect of laying off employees in the Small Business Group? This contradicts job security as a component of Building Organizational Commitment. Nancy recommends that they tell the truth to the affected employees will accept the explanation, but Nancy is trying to build organizational comprehension (identifying with the organization by keeping employees informed) and re-establish trusting employees, two activities to Build Organizational Commitment.

Example from Global Communications Scenario in MBA/500

McShane (2005, ref. pg #?)

Example from Global Communications Scenario in MBA/510:


Project Considerations

Example from Global Communications Scenario in MBA/510:

The question is how much autonomy the project needs in order to be successfully completed. John Thomas, Chairperson, Board of Directors, gave attention to the status of individual projects and the major impact affecting revenues, cost and operating metrics, such as student-to-teachers ratio.

"Many firms that are heavily involved in project management have created a flexible management system that organizes projects according to projects"

(Gray & Larson, 2006, pg.54)

Example from Global...

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