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Mn Cs In Afghanistan Essay

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Multinational Corporations in Afghanistan and their effects on Afghan Economy
Table of ContentsContentsChapter 1: Introduction 111.1 Introduction 11.2 Early stages of the Multinational Corporations 21.3 Difficulties of Multinational Corporations 21.4 Objectives 31.5 Theory 31.6 Procedure of collecting data 1.6.1 Geographical Scope 31.6.2 Secondary Data 31.6.3 Time Horizone 31.6.4 Basis to Analysis 31.6.5 Limitation 35Chapter 2: Literature Review 52.1 Multinational Corporations 72.2 Reasons for Existence of Multinational Corporations 122.3 Negative Effects of Multinational Corporations 14Chapter 3: Multinational Corporations in Afghanistan 15Chapter 4: MTN Afghanistan 154.1 Introduction 154.2 MTN History 4.3 MTN Services 214.4 MTN Role in Providing Employment 26Chapter 5: ETISALAT Afghanistan 285.1 Introduction 285.2 The Corporate Information 285.3 The Role of Etisalat in Providing Employment in Afghanistan 29Chapter 6: Conclusion 301.1 Introduction 306.2 Conclusion 30References: 31Chapter: Introduction1.1 Definition/IntroductionA multinational corporation (MNC) or enterprise (MNE), is a corporation or an enterprise that manages production or delivers services in more than one country. It can also be referred to as an international corporation. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has defined an MNC as a corporation that has its management headquarters in one country, known as the home country, and operates in several other countries, known as host countriesMNCs are companies that operate in more than one country. The name "Multinational Corporation" is distinct from "international corporations". The latter name was used in the 1960s to designate a company with a strong national identification. The home market was the company's primary focus. Foreign operations were usually wholly owned subsidiaries controlled by home country nationals. By the 1980s, international corporations had evolved into more globally oriented companies. While still maintaining a domestic identity and a central office in a particular country, MNCs now aim to maximize profits on a worldwide basis. The corporation is so large and extended that it may be outside the control of a single government. Besides subsidiaries, a multinational corporation may have joint ventures with individual companies, either in its home country or foreign countries.1.2 Early Stages of the Multinational CorporationsThe most basic foundation of MNCs is trade between tribes, among regions, or across established political boundaries. Although accounts of the barter of goods or of services among different peoples can be traced back almost as far as the record of human history, the opening of major global economic connections can be considered the first pre-requisite for modern, globalize MNCs.MNCs face many of the same issues as domestic companies. These include maximizing profits, meeting customer demands, and adapting to technological change. In addition, MNCs must stay current with trends and...

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