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Mob Mentality Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Mattison Brady’s and Matthew Rojansky’s “Ukraine must reject roots of violence”, the theme of gang or mob mentality emerges often. The theme of mobs appears in the rioting and protesting of Ukrainians against the president and in the angry mob burning houses and killing the conspirators after Julius Caesar’s funeral. Angry mobs and rioting leads to instability and if not resolved, the internal structure of a nation may collapse.
Mattison Brady’s and Mathew Rojansky’s article, “Ukraine must reject roots of violence”, recaps Ukraine’s bloodiest winter in the last half century. The article states that although the major challenges ...view middle of the document...

3.32-33). From this passage it is clear that the angry mob, stirred by Antony at Caesar’s funeral, are violent, brutal, and will stop at nothing to exact vengeance on the conspirators. During Act 3, Scene 3 the theme of mob mentality appears in that angry mob is destroying Rome by burning the conspirators’ houses and killing whoever they want. Unfortunately, the destruction of Rome and its internal structure eventually lead to the downfall of the glorious Roman Empire.
Likewise, the theme of mob mentality is evident in both The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and “Ukraine must reject roots of violence”. The angry protesters rioting against the Ukrainian government and the violent mob destroying Rome while in search of exacting vengeance on the conspirators are both examples of the theme of gang mob mentality. Even though The Tragedy of Julius Caesar was written 400 years ago, themes and issues of angry mobs revolting, protesting, and rioting against the government or certain authority figures still appear today. These mobs demonstrate that each human possesses the inclination to use violence as a solution to a...

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