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Creative Media And Events Ltd. Essay

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History of the Company
Creative Media and Events Ltd (CME) is a private limited company in the Jamaican private sector, which deals with the areas of event management, public relation and media. CME’s mission statement is ‘To be the market leader in all our business ventures, doing always with integrity and purpose. A passion for God, creativity and a “think big” strategy is at the core of our businesses’. CME was formed in 2008 by Garth Walker, Chairman and Leighton Davis, Managing Director who together they have over 20 years of experience in Marketing Management, Event Management and Creative Development.
Mr. Walker stated in the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica(PSOJ)/Gleaner 50 Under Fifty awardees interview that “We have always loved doing events, and when we started Creative Media we diverted from the party scene and started focusing on corporate events”. A year later, during the heart of the recession, the Wealth Magazine brand under CME was born under the tag line “educate, inspire and empower”. Today the magazine has grown from a quarterly publication to a 100-page bi-monthly with a circulation of up to 5,000 and its own TV programme, ‘Wealth Magazine’s Business Access’ along with the first real estate show in Jamaica ‘Wealth Magazine Home Sweet Home’.
CME works with clients to create experiences that engage and inspire. By creating unique experiences, CME’s aim is to drive sales, deliver on brand promises and ultimately make brands stand out. The company strives to achieve this through thoughtful, meticulous planning, clinical execution and a total commitment to service excellence throughout the life of every project.
Today CME has a multi-disciplinary team of 20-25 professionals whose expertise range from graphic design and construction to event management and production.


Thesis Statement
The influence of business objectives on the size, growth and decisions of Creative Media and Events Ltd.
Justification for topic
This topic was chosen due to the fact that the objectives of a business can affect many aspects of a business and how it is operated, including how these objectives can affect the decisions made in the business which influences how the business grows and in turn its size. This topic shows to a student that making personal objectives can help to guide them to grow in many aspects and serve as a constant reminder and driving force to achieve their dreams. The business Creative Media and Events was chosen to explore this topic because of its recent noticeable growth in the public and business communities’ eyes. Creative Media and Events Ltd(CME) objectives impacts its decisions and seem to have positively influenced the business and its growth allowing the employees to also be influenced positively by it. Since the business and its employees are driven by good objectives they are excellent at what they do so customers can be confident and happy with what they receive.
Background of project

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