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Platforms consist of operating systems. A mobile operating system is the software that controls all basic operations. It allows for the installation and execution of apps. Operating systems often have toolkits that allow for the applications to communicate with each other. Android OS is the largest operating system. Android OS uses an open source operating system under Google. While the core operating system is open, other parts are licensed. An Android trademark cannot be used unless it is certified by Google against the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) (Healey, 2014, Chapter 6, p. 33). Updates to the Android OS are named after desserts (Cupcake, Ice-cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, etc.). Android provides developer tools for creating apps that take advantage of the hardware capabilities available on each device (“Android,” n.d.). The operating system that was developed and distributed by Apple is the iOS. The iOS is derived from Apple’s Mac OS X and is available only on Apple devices (Healey, 2014, Chapter 6, p. 33). It was originally developed for iPhone devices, but is now available on other Apple devices. Windows Phone is a proprietary operating system developed by Microsoft as a replacement to their Windows Mobile Platform (Healey, 2014, Chapter 6, p. 35). Dynamic tiles appear on their home screen as active links to their applications. In 2011, Nokia partnered with Microsoft, announcing that it would make Windows Phone the operating system for their smartphones (Nokia, 2014). Nokia would be replacing their operating system Symbian for the Windows Phone. BlackBerry OS was developed by Research in Motion. It is a proprietary operating system used on the Blackberry handheld devices (“Mobile Operating Systems,” 2011). The BlackBerry OS is popular among the corporate world. It offers synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and other business software when used with the Blackberry Enterprise Server. The initial operating system for Palm was webOS. Palm initially developed web OS as the operating system to succeed their Palm OS. Hewlett Packard later acquired web OS and later sold it to LG Electronics for use on smart televisions (Kessler, 2013).
After deciding on the platform and operating system to be used, the type of app should be selected. Do you choose a native app, web app, or a hybrid app? Which one is better for a business app? The choice depends on the company’s needs. Some of the things to be considered are the following: does the app require the use of device features; what is your budget; is the internet needed to run the app; do you need to target multiple mobile devices; how much knowledge do you have on different programming languages, and how important is operating speed? A native app is one that is developed specifically for one platform. Native apps live on the device and can be accessed by using icons on the home screen. These apps are able to take advantage of all device features...

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