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Mobile Computing Essay

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Monitoring Patient Vital Signs
Monitoring patients with vital signs using mobile computing technology had substantial growth for physicians. They are able to access information, resources and people at the right time and place. What is so essential about mobile computing is the feature of the healthcare delivery. Faster communication between the patients, wards, clinics, laboratories, operating theaters and offices are very important. Physicians are able to complete these tasks with their patients at a faster rate. This means the patient(s) are able to get the treatment they need faster and the physicians are to take care more individuals than before.
The mobile computing technology is an emerging technology, which consist of wireless sensor networks. The wireless sensor is the smallest unit of a network and some of the features supports large scale deployment, mobility, reliability and other applications. According to (Hoon-Jae, 2011), the main goals of WSNs are to deploy a number sensor devices over an unattended area and transmit to certain locations.
Compare and Contrast Monitoring
According to (VANCOUVER, 2012), “Pairing medical diagnostics with mobile phones will greatly advance the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases in developing countries," Ansermino said (para.4). The main focus on comparing and contrasting monitoring mobile phones for vital signs is the quickness in the whole operation. Users can simply download the app from their device and drive the low-cost standard medical sensor. The mobile health monitoring technology will move medical diagnostic from the hospital to non-hospital settings. This will help reduce global health inequities and improve the outcome of health globally.
Patient visit to the doctor hospital, the most capable person should be hired. When patients arrived at the receptionist office, they have to stand up from their desk and lean over to slide the glass door back before they can talk to a customer. Face to face action is a plus when it comes to office visits because people have a tendency to respond differently than they do on the phone. Patient visits their doctor’s office can be more costly than using mobile computing technology.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Computing
Currently there are researchers who are taking the electronic medical monitors to another level. According to (Stross, 2011), epidermal electronics are going to be the next innovative technology where medical monitoring enable anywhere. The technological advancement for medical monitoring is already in the market. The epidermal electronics is barely visible and weightless. It will look like a press-on tattoo and tiny as a radio transmitter where the wires tethered to monitor machines.
Some of the advantages of mobile computing is the wireless sensor technology is advancing rapidly. According to (Stross, 2011), “Sensors on everyone, including a 60-year-old watching a football game who...

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