Mobile User Interface Design In Apps And Mobile Sites

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Handheld and mobile devices have been an increasing necessity as their capabilities and functionalities have increased over the past few years. Despite that mobile technology's emergence is recent, there are a lot of factors that have helped in the development and evolution of its user interfaces for the mobile web and mobile applications. While mobile technology can be seen as a new and dominating medium, there are a few problems that many developers and designers have faced. Nonetheless, the design of user interfaces for Mobile Applications and Mobile Websites are ever changing and provide for a lucrative business, and because of that there are many advances in its technology and structure, and the standard for design is constantly on the move.
Looking back at the history of User Interface, design is essential in order to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that may have been seen before in its early stages and advancing on into today’s design. User interface design can go all the way back to the beginnings in digital computers. It first emerged in around the 1950’s when engineers were beginning to evaluate data on monitors ( The history of progression in software can be broken down into three eras: batch (1945-1968), command-line (1969-1983) and graphical (1984 and after) ( Although not necessarily a part of mobile user interface design, these eras contributed greatly to its birth, especially since without the emergence of personal computers there wouldn’t exist today the personal mobile computers and phones that we are so dependent on.
Among the revolutionary interfaces that changed the way we utilize technology on a daily basis is that of Apple’s IOS system. Devices that use this are the ever popular iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and are well known for their user-friendly interfaces as well as their visually aesthetic operating system. Since the iPhone’s release, there have been a number of other operating systems that emerged to compete with it and in turn many updates and redesigns of its user interface in order to keep up with the competition and in order to make room and function for its increasing features and various technological advances.
UI diversity is especially important for competition and growth and very intentional by the designers and developers. Platforms have to set themselves apart from the rest in order to claim a share of the market. But despite the fact that this diversity is necessary for competitive improvement, it creates many difficulties and challenges for designers and developers who are creating websites and applications for devices and many times need to create applications that can run natively across several platforms. In order to do this they need skills in diverse development technologies, knowledge of capabilities of a vast, continually changing array of devices, knowledge of differing UI style conventions and standards, Multiple programming and porting efforts, and finally...

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