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Mobile Payment Services Essay

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1. Introduction
Mobile payment is payment services operated under financial regulation and performed via a mobile device. Numerous definitions have been introduced by scholars of Mobile Payments field one of the popular “Mobile Payments are payments for goods, services, and bills, invoices with a mobile device (such as a mobile phone, smart-phone, or Personal Digital Assistant) by taking advantage of wireless and other communication technologies (such as mobile telecommunications networks, or proximity technologies)” (Dahlberg et al., 2008)
Turowski, and Pousttchi (2004) defined the Mobile Payment as a procedure of electronic payment transaction procedure in which at least the payer pays mobile communication techniques in conjunction with mobile devices for the beginning, authorization or realization of payment.
Beside digital service payments for physical goods are also possible, both at selling and ticketing machines, and at operated Point-of-Sale terminals. Typical usage needs the user electing to make a mobile payment, being connected to a server via the mobile device to perform authentication and authorization, and subsequently being presented with confirmation of the completed transaction ( Turowski, & Pousttchi,2004)
A mobile payment service involves of all technologies that are offered to the user as well as all tasks that the payment service provider(s) perform to commit payment transactions. As Figure 1 shows a mobile payment service parties. (Dahlberg et al., 2008)

Fig (1) Adopt from (Dahlberg et al., 2008)

In their 2002 study Au and Kauffman (2008); Lai and Chuah(2010); Innopay (2012) divided the stakeholders into two main segments; one which includes the providers of the mobile payment solutions and the other which includes the users that accommodate these solutions .This finding may be attributed the stakeholders to users consist of merchants and consumers, while the providers consist of stakeholders such as mobile operators, banks and financial institutions, mobile device manufacturers and other service or product related actors.

Dahlberg et al.( 2008) studied the power and the benefits of these parties impact how technologies and other resources are scored into mobile payment services, and how these services exist to and used by the market. Their results detect that, the mobile payment providers compete for the attention of customers and other parties against physical and electronic payment services.
Today, payment gradually consists of digital representations of money in a globally intertwined system that involve many parties, such as payers, payment services providers, banks, telecom operators, mobile phone manufactures, and payees (Hedman& Henningsson,2012) .
The Danmarks-Nationalbank (2005) and Kokkola -European Central Bank(2010)described that payments are the process of transferring money from client to recipient, and involve payment instruments, payment processing, and payment settlement .
The current...

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