Mobile Communication As Glue Of Society

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It is important to mention the welcome that received the mobile communication in these days: this communication technology has been adopted by billions of people in the entire world and these people literally send trillions of text messages per day. Though, the mobile phone has become essential in the society that knows it is the way of interaction. Mobile communication has become the glue of the interaction of the society, but it has changed the natural social interactions to a negative effects. There are different aspects in life were the cellphone located itself as work, family and social life.
At first, the cellphone found a place in the work. Or, it can be said that the work found a site to this device. Initially, the ones who had the mobile were important executives. It was a luxury. When cellphones were first introduced to the public, they were bulky, expensive, and some even required a base unit that had to be transported along with the phone (Castells, 2004). For example, it was so common having a cellphone for being update of the stock market or to make business. In the movie ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ the dad is about to make a deal with his boss, so he needs a cellphone to entered in his mail and communicated. It has become a tool that even the president Obama sends mails from his blackberry (New York Times, 2009).
89% of married-with-children households own multiple cell phones, and nearly half own three or more mobile devices (cellular-news, 1970) because the father or mother that works in offices was kind a busy that doesn’t let them to attend in duties of the family. It is not a situation unknown that is way so many cartoons shown that type of mother or father in the story. An example was the mother of Angelica of Rugrats that has their busy mother that spends long time in the cellphone at home. So, the children notice that there are more important things than them for the parents. Some 11% of employed internet users say the internet has increased the amount of time they spend working from the office, and 19% say it has increased the amount of time they spend working from home (cellular-news, 1970). At the same time, it is a way to keep in touch. Not in every case the family lives together, so it is important to find a way to keep in touch. In case of Ecuador, there are numerous of families that have members who live far away. So, this interaction helps to don’t cut off the ties.
According to Anthony Elliot and John Urry, not to have a mobile communication device is to be ‘walking blind, disconnected from just-in-time information on where and when you are in the social networks of time and space’ (Elliot and Urry 2010, 61). We live in a web of interactions and expectations that are progressively interceded through mobile communication.
The place that people have given to mobile communication has affected significant in a positive and negative way. The cellphone was created to connect people and it has helps get a faster...

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