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Mobile Phone Innovative Technology Advancements Essay

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The phone in its early stages

One of the earliest recorded experiments on creating communication that can be transmitted from

a distance where direct speech is not attainable were those conducted by the British physicist and

polymath Robert Hooke from 1664 to 1685. An acoustic string phone made in 1667 is attributed

to him. But the true surge of these communication devices started at the 20th century; On April 3,

1973 Motorola manager Martin Cooper placed a cellular phone call (in front of reporters) to Dr.

Joel S. Engel, head of research at AT&T's Bell Labs. This began the era of the handheld cellular

mobile phone. The phone later on became a necessity just like any other.

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In 2007, this year truly was the time smartphones took off. Nokia released the N95 while the first

iPhone from Apple also came out the same year.

Figure 2.The IBM Simon

The very first smart phone and is now already 20 years old.



Smart Phone Innovations

As you can see in figure 2, the IBM Simon is very bulky unlike its successors which are very

slim and sleek. That’s because in the latter years as said by Grant McFarland (2006), “For a

phone to be light weight and small. The microprocessor was introduced to further improve the

phone’s mobility”.

Back then the screen or monitor were dull and had not that much color in them, but now what

Smart phones use for screens are LCD panels which give good viewing angles enhanced by an

addition of a backlight and its polarizing filter. (Goodman 2003). That is why we experience

better effects and high definition interfaces.



Smart Phone Operating Systems

There are three different operating systems which are; Google’s Android OS, Nokia’s WP OS

and Apple’s iOS. (Duffy 2013). A picture of the 3 is shown in Figure 1. Not much can be said on

who is on top of the so called “smartphone wars” but what can be said is that it is brutal. All of

them are revolutionizing the smartphone experience which goes to show that phones truly are

progressing on the right track.

Unraveling the next innovation

The resources we have here on Earth are not infinite. While we humans, have an insatiable

hunger for the betterment of our lives. This is where the problem arises. We need resources in

order to satisfy the needs of the people. But then if these needs are infinitely many, then the


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