Mobile Phone Features, Design And Student Satisfaction

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31 years ago since the “DynaTAC 8000X”, the first cellular telephone, was release by Motorola that was created in the Unites States. The DynaTAC 8000X or the “brick” phone is bulky because it is most battery body. Its hardware parts and design’s features a revolutionary “rubber whip” antenna which delivers a perfect reception to users, a vibrant LED display capable of displaying the status of the telephone and the numbers as you press in its 3x4 keypads (Recombu, 2011). From this invention the history of mobile phone we uses today started. The main problem about DynaTAC 8000X wasn’t if function that time but was the form factor of the telephone. It was heavy with 28 ounces or 794 grams and because of that Motorola had a concept, a design that is greatly different to their the world first telephone. The StarTAC was release on 1996. Its design’s feature a clamshell design which make it a small, sleek and stylish phone at that generation. But even before that clamshell design phone and the phone that revolutionize whole phone industry, the first ever touch screen-based cell phone actually debuted, the IBM’s Simon Personal Communicator in 1994. This phone’s hardware features a pressure sensitive black and white screen, a stylus for taking memos and note and even more can send faxes and its design was a clamshell type covering the touch panel with the keypad above it. Even though this product of IBM is quietly similar to the phone we use today it was not considered as smart phone and that recognition was given to Ericssons R380 back in 2000. And then another major design innovation was the SL10 of Siemens which a slide phone. Its design was inspired by touch screen phone with its keypads hidden beneath the screen which can be accessible by sliding up the screen. This design results in a small but bulky form factor to the phone which is uncomfortable to operate and finally the introduction of the first ever smart phone, the iPhone by Apple that was release in 2007 which hardware features are multi-touch capacitive touch screen, one home button at front, profile switcher and other 3 buttons on the side which are the lock/unlock button and up and down volume buttons. Its design was also based on the early touch screen phone however the touch screen is now given more attention by removing the stylus and keypad or keyboard from the body. (Nelson, R. 2012)
From the article of Economist, (Battling for the Palm of Your Hand, paragraph 1), most mobile phone today in the market fits to anyone’s need as a user and consumer. All mobile phone or smart phone in the market can send a SMS or MMS, can video call or voice call anyone, the a snap with their camera, can play music, FM and videos, can be a game console and surf the internet as a normal user would do. Even on a specific kind of person companies can offer one appealing mobile phone or smart phone to them. And even exceed our need like it can read our heart rate, create a 3D rendering of the thing...

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