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Cell Phones Should Be Incorporated Into The School Curriculum

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When parents send their children to school, they are trusting that their children are being taught everything they need to know to prepare them for the future. Parents are trusting that their children are being given every opportunity to explore every avenue of learning. With times changing rapidly, along with society turning more and more to technology, children have to be taught at an early age how to use and technology to remain current in today’s world. Technology is the direction our world is heading toward and relying on more and more each day. In the classroom, students have to be interested in what they are learning, as well as how they are learning. Cell phones should be incorporated into the school curriculum to give students another avenue of learning with the convenience of mobile devices. Most times, when it comes to technology, children tend to become very engaged and pay more attention to what is shown to them visually, rather than just listening to a teacher talk to them or reading a book. Due to the world evolving and technology being a prominent source of survival, incorporating cell phone usage in our school’s curriculum will not only engage students with a new way of learning, it will prepare students for the world outside of school as well as their future.
Children love to learn! When parents and teachers take a moment to think about the best ways to engage children and students into learning, technology is usually a main resource used to pull children of all ages into active learning, and at times helps them retain more information due to the visual aspect of technology. According to Morgan, approximately 65% of the population are visual learners as well as 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual. Students and children in today’s times are referred to as “Digital Natives.” “They have grown up with technology along with multitasking, which has forced them into the habit of processing information quickly” (Morgan). Digital Natives want to be involved in active learning as opposed to sitting passively in class. They thrive on interactive technology with tools like the cell phones, which is the most important reason why schools should incorporate them into classroom and school curriculum (Humble-Thadden, 2012). If teachers and schools do not find new ways to engage students into more active learning, they may miss prime educational opportunities to teach the students in new and more modern ways that mobile devices such as cell phones can provide (Humble-Thadden, 2012).
Teachers, even more so than parents, are a child’s main source of education. Parents teach what they can while the children are at home, but teachers spend an average of 900-1,000 hours with children five days out of the week for 175-180 days (depending on the grade level) in the United states, which means they spend a good portion of the day teaching and preparing young students for the future ( By incorporating...

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