Mobile Phones Affect The Health Of Teens

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Mobile Phones Affect the Health of Teenagers
A new study by the Pew Research Center has discovered that 78% of American teenagers (and growing) have cell phones. (“Teens and Technology 2013”) In our society nowadays, teenagers all around the world have mobile phones that are used constantly. While many teenagers love the fact that they can call, send, and receive text messages from their favorite mobile device, I believe this to be a substandard idea: cell phones distract teens and influence them to be less social, cause laziness, and finally mobile phones could result into several shocking health problems.

To begin with, reducing the usage of wireless phones worldwide by teens would be a great way for the youth to focus better in school and to interact more with friends and family. Although this might seem out of one’s mind, cellular telephones do have this negative effect on teenagers. First of all, the time spent playing on a cell phone reduces the time teens spend working on homework and studying. In Fullerton, California, an accelerated high school English teacher at Troy high school has noticed that her student’s written works are not as developed as previously throughout her fourteen years of teaching. (“Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say”) If teenagers would have the time to work and study harder, they’d have better grades. Also, teenagers today text when they’re near one another. According to Bonnie Ellis, Ph.D. and director for the University of Phoenix Detroit, texting has such an impact that people text one another when side by side instead of having a normal face-to-face conversation. (“How Does Texting Affect Teenagers”) If you have the ability to have verbal conversations with people, what’s the purpose of texting them? Finally, young adults are not as advanced in face-to-face conversations as compared to before the grand popularity of mobile phones. Melissa Ortega, a child psychologist at New York’s Child Mind Institute claims: “They don’t know how to handle conflict face to face because so many things happen through some sort of technology.” (When Children Text All Day, What Happens To Their Social Skills?) I suppose that’s why teens pull out their mobile phones when strangers are near, because they don’t know how to keep up an ongoing conversation. In brief, it is beneficial to know that such small devices can interfere with teens in a psychological manner.

Secondly, everyday parents see changes in their child’s active lifestyle. Although teens may not think that cell phones affect how inactive they become, they might be surprised when they do learn so. For instance, students spend more time on their mobile phones rather than getting their daily exercise. In 2011, only 29% of high school students claimed that they got 60 minutes of physical activity daily during a period of 7 days. (“Adolescent and School Health”) Teens should be more physically active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In...

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