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Mobile Phones Relationship To Brain Tumors

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Since the invention of the first Advance Mobile Phone System(AMPS) which was commercially introduce to the United States on October 1983. Mobile phone users have been increasing rapidly. According to a survey organized by Pew Research Group in 2014, ninety percent of all American adults have a mobile phone(1). This rapid increase of mobile phone users generate the controversy around the safety of this life changing device. I will be sharing my point of view in this conversation.Due to the limited resource of scientific evidence i believe mobile phone has no possible connection with brain tumor. The reason why i picked this controversy was because, I am among the growing population of mobile ...view middle of the document...

The second rhetorical strategy i used in my infographic project is statistics. I used statistics because for every given arguments you need a proof to persuade the audience to follow and believe your point of view. My statistical proof can be found approximately five picture downward in my infographic. just after the picture of the cute baby holding a mobile phone. The statistic i used shows that the more people used mobile phone, the less the incident rate of new brain tumor cases in the united states. So evidently this convince my audience to feel that since the rate of people with brain tumor remains static or decreases in the United States there will be no possible link between mobile phone and brain tumor.
The third rhetorical strategy i used in my infographic project is greater good. I used greater good because of the incredible changes mobile phone has brought to the business environment. That would be the reason why researchers wants to prove that mobile phone is harmful and detrimental to human health either for financial reason or to gain popularity.My example for greater good can be found approximately four...

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