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Mobile Technology Essay

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Mobile technology is the technology people use it all the time in their everyday life. In the early nineteenth century there were only rotary phones which are lot bigger than cell phone we have it now a days. Not everybody had rotary phone because if we look at their time history, having a phone meant a lot back at that time. After cellphone came in life became a lot easier. Now a day everybody have phone including children’s and senior citizens as well. After years of research and experiment, cellphones have become so small that we can put it in our pocket as well. According to one of the New York Times article Flight from Conversation “I’ve studied technologies of mobile connection and ...view middle of the document...

“Solutions being introduced to let subscribers pay utility bills and redeem coupons with their mobile phones may have even wider appeal”. (line. 9). Paying bills and online banking has also made a great impact on American culture. People can check their account balance, deposit their pay check, and transfer funds to different account with just a few touches of buttons. They can pay their credit cards and utility bills through their bank; by signing up in their phone and the amount will which is paid will be deducted from their account. They can store receipt on their phone and in their backup as well.
Mobile technologies have negative impact on American culture. Every good invention comes with certain condition, as we know it. In that way cellphone have lots of good features to help everybody in different ways, but it also have some negative impact as well. Cyber bulling has a really sensitive impact on society. “Some students also use cell phones to engage in “cyberbullying” calling or sending text messages that ridicule, threaten, or harass others” (par. 4). Some people who are really good at using these technology features call, text, or email random people and threaten or tease them. Teenagers have become a really good target for them. Some teenagers who are really weak heart get frustrated that they will end up committing suicide. Mobile technologies have an impact on people work in offices as well. Before mobile technology was invented people who work in office used to talk their colleagues during lunch break or their spare time. According to New York Times article Flight from conversation “A businessman laments that he no longer has colleagues at work.” (Par 6). Now a day’s office people just spend their time on cellphone, they don’t have any human friends. Cellphone is their only friend. The worst negative impact is on teenager most likely high school and college students. First of all cellphone causes distraction....

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