Mock Corporate Strategy For Hormel On Mandatory Gmo Labeling And Marketing Strategy Southwest Minnesota State University Food Trends Essay

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Corporate Strategy
Mandatory GMO labeling can be seen as one of two ways: either an opportunity or a threat. “Whether labeling is a threat or opportunity depends on the type of products being pursued and the degree of uncertainty for the product” (Isaac, 1998). There are two general types of GMO’s and it is useful to know the difference between them. Process-based GMO’s is where biotechnology is used to enhance productivity or yield for a product. The end use attributes have not been altered so it may be a mixed supply of commodities that would make it impossible to differentiate non-altered goods from altered goods. Then there are product based GMO’s where biotechnology is used to alter the end-attributes of a product. The product is easily differentiated in the marketplace so the consumer will have no problem telling a non-GMO product from a GMO product. There are also two types of labeling as far as GMO’s go. Voluntary labeling is where consumers are provided with information necessary to identify products that use biotechnology and those that do not. Mandatory labeling policies are designed to identify GMO’s in products often when industries seem unwilling or unable to identify the risks in their GMO product. When it comes to mandatory labeling it seems to be more of a threat than anything else. It looks bad if the government has to force an industry to label the risks of a GMO product. It also could raise costs of the products making it more expensive for consumers. Since GMO labeling is not mandatory though the voluntary labeling is more of the focus. In different cases when an industry decided to voluntarily label their products it was almost presented as more of an opportunity. Some industries will positively label their products as “GMO-free” or “contains GMO’s” and people seem to respond better to seeing whether or not a product contains GMO’s or not. If a product does contain GMO’s then emphasize it instead or trying to hide it. People want to know what is in their food and if a company truly believes in the future of biotechnology then support those beliefs. Voluntary labeling poses more as an opportunity than a threat and should be taken advantage of.
The recommended action decided is that it would be beneficial for Hormel to label their products whether they contain GMO’s or are GMO free. This has been decided as the best course of action because there is such a high demand for people wanting to know what is in their food. Although most people probably already know what foods would have GMO’s and what foods don’t it is far better looking to the public to voluntarily label products containing GMO’s as such so that it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be a secret. It is already public knowledge and proudly displayed on the Hormel website that they find nothing wrong with GMO’s in research they have done so yes it is in their food and they don’t plan to remove it. Hormel also believes that GMO’s have important benefits since it adds...

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