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Mock Treaty Assignment: Treaty Between Her Majesty The Queen And The Anishnaabe Indians Of Southern Manitoba

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Articles of the Treaty made and concluded this twenty-first day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, between Her Majesty the Queen and the Anishnaabe tribes of the Nishi First Nation, Mkwa First Nation, Chemong First Nation, Wagosh First Nation, and Jiimaan First Nation.
The Anishnaabe Tribes of the Nishi, Mkwa, Chemong, Wagosh, Jiiman, and all others residing within the territory, do hereby cede, release and surrender to the Government of the Dominion of Canada for her Majesty the Queen and their successors, all rights, claims, titles and privileges, to the lands encompassing the treaty area hereafter defined and described.
The tract within these boundaries comprises an area of thirty-eight thousand six hundred and ten square miles, within the following limits: Commencing within Province of Manitoba above the forty-ninth parallel, along the western border of the Province of Ontario; along the southern shores of Winnipeg River, following its limits westward and north; along the southern shores of Lake Winnipeg moving west, past the Red River, moving westward south of Dennis Lake and Lindals Lake; north of and encompassing North, East, and West Shoal Lake; along the southern river basin of Lake Manitoba and Lake Francis; following the shores of Lake Manitoba westward, southward and then northward; continuing northward to Dauphin Lake along its southern shores, and continuing west to the most westward border of the Province of Manitoba; encompassing all lakes and regions within including the Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Otter Lake, Proven Lake, Bottle Lake, Clear Lake, Oak Lake, Maple Lake, the Whitewater Lakes, Whitemouth Island, Sprague Lake, Moose Lake, and all others; southward along the Manitoban border, continuing east along the forty-ninth parallel above the international boarder, and concluding at the shores of Buffalo and Muskeg Bays at the Western boarder of the Province of Ontario.
In return, Her Majesty the Queen hereby agrees to lay aside reserve lands for the benefit and use of said First Nations. The reserves shall be selected and set aside where it shall be deemed most convenient and advantageous for each band or bands, and will be based on one square mile per family of five. No settlers shall encroach, trespass on or violate any reserve land so as not to diminish the extent of lands allotted to the First Nations. Within these reserved lands, the First Nations shall maintain the rights to practice their traditional lifestyle and maintain the right to practice traditional ceremonies, knowledge, and languages. No reserve lands may be sold, leased, or disposed of by any Government, agency or third party without direct negotiation with and consent of said First Nations.
The said First Nations shall maintain the rights to pursue hunting, fishing, and trapping throughout the tract of land hereby surrendered, except for such areas that may be required or used for settlement, private property,...

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