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Mockingjay Essay

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Katniss seems to change a lot in all three books, there are many sides to Katniss some being agitated, angry, and gentle. Katniss has dark brown hair and Brown eyes. Throughout the book Katniss is almost always on a script when speaking aloud, she is creating videos or “propos” to bring down the capitol. She is mainly trying to get all the districts on her side when they battle the capitol. She uses President Snow’s words to bring him down, like when she tells all of the districts and possibly the capitol that President Snow told her that the capitol is very fragile (meaning that the districts provide the capitol with food, water, building materials, and Peacekeepers) without the districts the Capitol will either learn to farm and mine or they will die off completely. Katniss interacts with many of the characters as well as the third party (Random people throughout book that are given no descriptions and show up only once or twice). When she takes her trip to district 8 to meet all of the wounded from the bombing, she was told to literally see everybody in the hospital and “chat” with them.

The main idea of “Mockingjay” was that Katniss was chosen to start a rebellion by the people. So she creates “videos” to be aired that might affect the choices of the districts, she is basically trying to get the districts on her side for the upcoming war. this develops throughout the story by having Katniss make recordings called “propos” to change the districts minds about which side to be on. 11 of the districts are on her side but district 2 (the one who provides the capitol with Peacekeepers) is against the rebellion. Meanwhile Katniss is visiting the bombed districts to comfort the people. Peeta on the other hand is forced to try to call off the rebellion by President Snow, and if he does something he wasn’t told to do he will be torchered until he gave in.

Ensnaring (p 59), Denotation- is to catch or to trap something, Connotation- the claw picking her up felt like a rescue but it was just a trap so that she would be the Mockingjay.
Unforeseen (p 107), Denotation- to not be anticipated or predicted, Connotation- Katniss took a trip to district 8 and was greeted by bombs shortly after she arrived leaving the hospital a pile of rubble. Melodic (p 122), Denotation- To make or produce a melody, Connotation- Pollux is interacting with the Mockingjay that might have brought up a lot of emotions of Rue which would make her want the capitol even more. Frantic (p 144), Denotation- to have fear anxiety and other emotions about something, Connotation- It shows some of the emotions towards the capitol that Katniss feels throughout the book. Perspiration (p 175). Denotation- To sweat, Connotation- Sweat shows that the mission was tough or difficult to do, may have had to do with being hot or that they were exerting a lot of energy to get out. Ruptured (p 220), Denotation- To break or burst suddenly (the burst of a blood vessel or organ), Connotation- Katniss...

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