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Model Of Employee Involvements In Decision Making.

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Observations and ReflectionsI became an E-Commerce supervisor at an internet company and I was given my first project. My team consisted of 3 colleagues who were experts in different areas of website development. I had knowledge of all these elements that make up a good e-commerce site but I was not skilled at any. Nevertheless, I was given the task to lead this team because of my prior experience in project management.My team and I had our first meeting and an outline of the initial tasks was discussed. I began to delegate some of these tasks to the person who I thought would be able to do the job the best. Although there were some opinions and suggestions of who should do some tasks, I had already made up my mind about the work delegation. There were some complicated tasks that I left out in the delegation because I was thinking that I should be doing them. I had personally assigned these complex tasks to myself because these were some of the critical functions of the project and I was thinking that I should handle them. Two team members had noticed that some of the important tasks were not mentioned and they had suggested that they take it on because it was their expertise. I acknowledged what they said and told them that I will look into it.A week after the meeting, I realized that the tasks I will be doing will be too much for me because there were some parts that I was not very skilled at. I had to make a decision on whether I should hold another meeting to talk about the distribution of work and re-assign these critical parts to the persons who knew more about it than I.Causal AnalysisThe model that I will be using to analyze these events is the model of employee involvements in decision making. The model will explain that the level of employee involvement in the decision process that should be given is dependent on the decision structure, source of decision knowledge, decision commitment and risk of conflict (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005).The decision structure of a situation can be programmed or non-programmed. A programmed decision structure is described as having solutions to a decision that are based on past experiences or documentation. On the other hand, a non-programmed structure is based on the level of employee involvement given to be able to solve different kinds of problems (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005). In this case, a programmed structure was implemented due to the fact that I gave very low involvement to my team mates in my decision to take on the critical tasks of the project. I had defined that these tasks were too important to delegate to my team, and so I made the decision that I will be handling them personally.The source of decision knowledge refers to how subordinates are involved in the decision making when a leader lacks sufficient knowledge on the situation. Moreover, the subordinates have additional knowledge to improve the decision (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005). My team was composed of...

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