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Modeling Smart Cities: Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Modeling Smart Cities: An Annotated Bibliography
Cosgrave, E., Arbuthnot, K., & Tryfonas, T. (2013). Living labs, innovation districts and information marketplaces: A systems approach for smart cities. Procedia Computer Science, 16, 668-677. doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2013.01.070
The strength of any analysis lies in garnering a profound understanding of the phenomena under review. Using the principles of systems thinking the authors – three researchers from Bristol University, U.K. - first set about on the task of improving their understanding of a highly complex proposition such as a smart city. They did not become starry-eyed by the glamour of current technology offerings. Instead, they went ...view middle of the document...

However, a major stumbling block with respect to the massive data storage required is still unsolved. Nevertheless, there are systems in their embryonic stage that provide hope of a robust solution in the near future.
The authors also built a prototype to test their assumptions and validate key variables. The results of their experiments confirm that they are one step closer to achieving their quintessential goal. The article is geared towards city leaders and requires an in-depth knowledge of directed graph theory to fully comprehend the spatio-temporal models. The practical application of graph theory expanded my knowledge on the area, and provides a useful tool for the analysis and development of related information systems models.
Mulligan, C. E., & Olsson, M. (2013). Architectural implications of smart city business models: an evolutionary perspective. Communications Magazine, IEEE, 51(6), 80 – 85. doi: 10.1109/MCOM.2013.6525599
The authors have significant industrial experience developed while working at Erickson. They adopted the systems approach to their proposed model. They claimed that the bedrock of ICT (computing and telecommunications technologies) offered a short-sighted view and that they had charted out a more visionary solution for the deployment of smart city services. While, they critiqued other models for being overly focused on big data, they also failed to aptly demonstrate the human component in their architectural models other than as a rich source for big data.
Mulligan and Olsson smart city model is designed for use by city engineers and architects. Their diagramming techniques simplify highly complex relationships. Consequently, the article is easy to read and can easily form a chapter in a textbook on smart cities.
Vilajosana, I., Llosa, J., Martinez, B., Domingo-Prieto, M., Angles, A., & Vilajosana, X. (2013). Bootstrapping smart cities through a self-sustainable model based on big data flows. Communications Magazine, IEEE, 51(6), 128 - 134. doi: 10.1109/MCOM.2013.6525605
The team of male-dominated authors has extensive experience in wireless sensor networks and work for Worldsensing – a company specializing in wireless network solutions. Finance is the lifeblood of any business and by extension any city. The authors proposed an organic growth mechanism for smart city development.
The authors are also aware of the myriad of problems related to rapid urbanization. Therefore, they propose a phased implementation approach without the establishment of a concrete foundation on how this model can satisfy feasibility (politically, legislatively, economically, ecologically, socially, physically and technologically) requirements. Finally, their conclusion that public sector sponsorship will secure the model’s viability detracts from their theme of self-sufficiency. The article is geared towards urban planners and sophisticated users with advanced training in Information, Computing and Telecommunications (ICT)...

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