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Models working in the fashion industry certainly do not accurately represent the women and men that they model for (Amed, 2013). While this distortion within the fashion industry persist; exemplifications for modeling the way for business within teams and as a leader has to be precise. Leaders who see themselves as mentors over teams learn to voice and demonstrate an organizations vision and goals and then set those plans into action. Within this article there is an example of one of my business leadership and team experiences where my hands-on learned proficiencies are highlighted. There will also be a discussion about how courageous leaders model the way; and the steps necessary to build a winning team will be incorporated to define parameters of successful leadership and team interactions.
Networking Systems Project
Along with attending NCU for doctoral studies I also work part-time for two internet information systems technologies companies. I am an on call IT Specialist who assists companies within my local area with computer networking systems projects. Recently while working on an IT project at a bank, one of the technicians on the project team began to openly speak vulgarities about the project. Since I inherently understand that trust springs from open, honest communication (Cannon, 2009); quietly but quickly I pulled the technician aside and informed her that this was not appropriate language within a workplace. I also communicated to the entire team that while I was leading the IT project maintaining trust and transparency (Treasurer, 2009) with team members while being responsible within the workplace is critically important. Trust is most evident when organizations and the leaders within the company are accountable, transparent and responsible (Cannon, 2009). Once this corrective discussion occurred behavioral changes in each of the team members became obvious. The employees that we were assisting also became more actively involved and a positive productive work environment entailed. This was the first time this technician had worked on my team so creating a positive relationship between us was important to me but not as important as the relationship with the company that hired me and the other team members.
This experience taught me to monitor and correct inappropriate behavior immediately. When the technician began her negative rant against the company’s process initially I ignored her hoping she would begin to become more professional since I was actively modeling a polite, professional demeanor. However, when her rant became louder and included vulgarities I knew I had to step in. Many of the people we were working with had raised their eyebrows, and looked at me questioningly when a tacit understanding overcame me as an unspoken request was admonished, “What are you going to do about this?” Once I decided to take on the role of mentor for the technicians working under my leadership and delegated our...

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