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~Modelling: In Canada~ This Essay Explains My Opinion About Modelling And How It Has Changed Me. I've Included Wages Earned (Usually). The Task Was To Explain How It Was Essential To My Life

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Modelling is a career that not only involves beauty and money, as it is frequently viewed. It is a career that encourages people to improve their self-esteem, confidence and way of life; it can have several benefits depending on the way it is taken. For me, modelling is a way to express myself, where I can find comfort and where I set my own goals and work arduously for them. It is a very challenging and competitive medium that encourages me to be consistent and have high expectations about myself.I've been modelling since I was 12 and it has become essential for my life, it is the way to eliminate the negative energy and things that unable me to act the appropriate way. In other words, this relaxation allows me to think and have some time for myself. When I appear in front of the camera I release all the pressure and stress in a positive ...view middle of the document...

In fact, one of the main reasons that attracted me to the world of modelling was to improve my self-esteem and self-confidence. After I figured out the way to use my time in aPinzon 2productive way and received appreciation from others, my goal of confidence was finally reached. Praise and recognition enliven the model's point of view and eventually her attitude. Every human being has a need to feel appreciated for their merits and our nature has developed as having this appreciation one of the most essential things in life. Modelling, as an example, offers recognition and fame but unfortunately can be easily lost because of its large and high expectant competition.Finally, one of the most attractive benefits from this career is the profits made. Due to the numerous kinds of modelling, the wages varies. For example, runway (fashion & bridal shows) pays $100-$200 per show, print (pictures and catalogues) liquidates between $65 and $125 per hour, television and film pays from $100 to $15000. It is all based in luck, for some people it's very hard to find auditions for these kinds of jobs but for others modelling is very dependable. For my age, this is a good start to acquire responsibility and social skills; with school this medium cannot be dependable. However, it is basically as a part-time job that will later on benefit me to find a good position in this area. The idea of being involved in this medium is mostly to save money for my university and use modelling as a secondary career and job.To conclude, Modelling is the mode to manage my personality in a positive and productive way. It involves hard work, cleverness and perseverance; it has transformed me to a more mature and responsible person. It is an essential part of my life, not only because of the change it had on me but, because of the future plans I have with it. The experience in these moments fulfills me with assurance and joy and that's what is reflected in every model's work, their spirit.

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