Modelling Paper On Airline Industry Management System

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Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 21. Dilemmas facing CoolJet 32. Report Focus 33. The Taco Bell Model 33.1 Focus - The Key Factors 43.2 The models within the system 43.2.1 Forecasting 43.2.2 Simulation 53.2.3 Optimization 54 Is implementation worth the effort? 64.1 Optimization considerations 64.2 Forecasting considerations 64.3 Simulation considerations 74.3.1 Job times 74.3.2 Planning Horizon 85 Potential Benefits of Implementation 96 Probable Challenges of Implementation 107 Can CoolJet utilize a Labor Management System? 11Bibliography and References 12Executive SummaryCoolJet is currently experiencing problems with its check-in staff scheduling system. This report evaluates the ability of a labor management system (LMS), similar to the one described by Huerta and Swart for Taco Bell, to be implemented at Cool Jet to alleviate these scheduling issues.After a review of the Taco Bell model , and evaluation of the what would be required to implement a similar system at CoolJet this report finds that a labor management system based on integer programming can be implemented.The report finds that a system such as the one described requires a critical understanding of the factors which influence the industry and the company as well as strong support from the management team, from both a financial and process stance to be successful.1 Dilemmas facing CoolJetCoolJet is currently experiencing significant problems with its check-in staff scheduling system. The current scheduling system is allowing staff shortages to occur during peak periods, creating unwanted queues and customers missing their flights, as well as over-staffing during less hectic periods. This issue is gaining CoolJet the unwanted reputation of poor customer service.2 Report FocusThe intent of this report is to* Define the Labor Management System utilized by Taco Bell* Evaluate the factors that have made the system a success for Taco Bell* Discuss the factors for a similar system to be implemented at CoolJetBased on this report management can then evaluate the risks and benefits of implementing a Labor Management System (further known as LMS) compared to continuing with the current system to evaluate which would provide the greatest benefit to CoolJet's overall business performance.3 The Taco Bell ModelThe Taco Bell model described by Hueter and Swart showed a progression of scheduling tools from purely intuitive (based on each store manager's experience) to the tool which they termed TACO, "an integrated set of ....models, including forecasting...simulation...and optimization to... minimize payroll."One of the critical components of...

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