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Models Amd Stages Of Memory Essay

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order to understand what memory is one can start by understanding the opposite of it which is known as the condition named amnesia. Amnesia is the incapability and failure to recollect information which previously was stored in ones memory (Evans, 1979). If that is the case then memory must be the capability to process information in order to recollect it as data remains maintained (Maltin, 2005). Ideally psychologists have believes that memory consist of three aspects, these basic stages collaborate when an event is recalled. These stages which are being outline are the encoding, storage and retrieval stages of memory (Ghoneim, 2001). The three stages work in turns in order to collect information and situate it together to create the process of memorising (Denes& Pizzamiglio, 1999).

One interesting model of memory created by Atkinson and Shiffrin(1968) known as the multi store model which is also known as a dual process model involves three memory stores types identified as the; sensory memory, short term memory (STM) and the long term memory (LTM)if information is rehearsed as it is believe to be necessary for retention.
A model which especially argues the importance of rehearsal is the one by psychologist named Craik and Lockhart (1972). Their model of memory known as the levels of processing model explains that contrasting the multi store model this model carries a non-structured approach. This idea was shaped due to an effect of the criticism levelled at the multi store model. Craik and Lockhart (1972) model idea basically is that memory is the happening and result of one’s information process. As a substitute of focusing on the stores or structures like the LTM and STM, concentration in this theory is given more to the processes involved in memory. The two psychologist suggested that memory is basically just a result of the ‘depth’ when processing information, carrying no distinct division between ones STM or LTM. By depth Craik meant the significance received from the stimulus and not the meanings of the number when an analysis was performed (Craik and Lockhart, 1972).
One of their main arguments was that information is processed in three different ways including the structural processing, phonemic processing and semantic processing. So, how do these processes work? Structural processing and phonemic processing are both division found within the shallow process. Shallow processing simply implicates the maintenance through rehearsal which heads towards ones short term maintenance of information as repetition helps and individual hold data in the STM, which is the only rehearsal that...

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