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Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies Essay

774 words - 4 pages

Characters- The Main character in this book is Celeste Harris. Celeste was always known for being called the fat girl. One day she was shopping with her mom, her cousin Kirsten and her aunt Doreen for Celeste’s other cousin Kathleen’s wedding. (pg . 1-10) They saw an ad to be a model at Huskey Peach (a clothes brand for heavier people). (pg.10) Behind Celeste’s back, her aunt sends in an application for her. Celetse then gets a letter in the mail saying she qualified for the Huskey Peach fashion show.(pg.36) Celeste is very embarresd and doesn’t want to do it but the rest of her family wants her to. (first half of book)
CeLeste also has a friend named Sandra who has always been there for her. There is a mean girl named Lively Carson who goes to there school and tries to steal Sandra from Celeste by bribing her with Sandra’s crush, Robbie Flan.(pg.47) Clueless Sandra goes for it. She leaves Celeste at a lunch table by herself and there two other friends Millie and Katy. In the end Sandra and Celeste aren’t really friends anymore. (pg.216)
Celeste decides to do the pagent and meets a bunch of new friends and agents: Gail, Violet, Ashley, Sascha, and Christian (pg. 218- end). Some other characters in this book are Ben (celestes little brother pg.19), Celeste’s dad (pg.19), Paul (her cousin pg.76), and her uncle Chuck (pg.75).

meanings and language- “roundest” (pg.7)
denotative- heaviest things or person
connotative- for a person it means that they are the heaviest out of the group and if its an object it could mean that or it’s the most circular out of the group
“sympathetic” (pg. 17)
denotative- feeling sad
connotative- feelin bad about a bad/ sad situation
“shivery sensation “ (pg.31)
denotative- shivering because somenes scared of something
connotative- Something really bad is going to happen
“belly flipping” (pg. 67)
denotative- feeling sick
connotative- something bad happened that’s making the character unconfortable
“gory parts” (pg.113)
denotative- bloody parts of movies
connotative- violence in movies and stories that most likely have blood
“soothed” (pg.136)
denotative- something calm
connotative- when you are...

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