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Response to intervention (RTI) is critical in school psychology, especially in special schools. There is need to develop and implement a culturally approachable RTI to meet the behavioral and academic needs of every student. The model is a necessity for reducing lopsided marginal representation of students having emotional disorder in special education. RTI models in school psychology highlight the significance of assessing the ideologies and perceptions across the school, home, and community levels as a method of implementing various interventions. This comes through recognizing the cultural variations that this procedure brings about.
It is prudent for a school psychologist to be competent in assessing language proficiency. This can only be possible if they have some vital knowledge concerning language development and proficiency. This enables school psychologists to recognize when a child/learner is developing two different languages concurrently and when they are acquiring a second language. During these phases of language development, a child is likely to undergo various processes of learning for instance code switching, interference, and silent periods. For that reason, a school psychologist who is proficient in language development must not mistake the processes for language deficits or abnormalities. However, it is important to critically access where a learner is in terms of language proficiency, dominance, and development.
The psychologists should also consider using interpreters in some of the evaluation procedures and when rendering psychological services at school. This may be a serious consideration due to various complications, which may arise in adding a third party to act as an intermediary. Consequently, the interpreter has to be knowledgeable in their field and the school psychologist should be experienced in working with them. For this mode of psychological evaluation to have...

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