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Modern American Writers. Essay

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The following stories all contained dreams and disillusionments. In the story written by Dick Gregory, "Shame" a poor black child has a dream to be accepted in his society and is penalized for doing so. Furthermore, in the story "Harrison Bergeron" written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. depicts a story of a 14 year old boy living in a futuristic "equal" society, wanting a change in the way he lived and was killed for doing so. The last story, "The Kugelmass Episode" written by Woody Allen is about Kugelmass's dream which turns into a terrible situation as he is stuck in an old Spanish textbook running for his life. Each of the authors portrayed how the main characters' vision consequentially put many hardships upon their lives.Much disaster has been caused by people's dreams blocking their reality. This is shown in the story "Shame". In the story "Shame", written by Dick Gregory depicts himself, a poor black boy, living in a dream that he is like everyone else. This causes him many different problems which hurt his existence. Dick Gregory hates the way his life is and wants to live in a world which he creates in his head, so that he can be accepted in his society and liked by girl of his dreams, Helene Tucker. He tells the reader how he washes his clothes everyday so that he wouldn't smell in class. He also tells the reader how he would get sick a lot since he had to wear the clothes whether they were wet or dry due to the fact that those were the only clothes that he had. He wanted to feel that he had a father and by doing that he would show off by "topping off" what Helene Tucker's father would give to the Community Chest. The teacher was asking everyone how much his or her father would give and purposely skipped Dick. Dick raises his hand and says, "You forgot me...My daddy said he'd give fifteen dollars". He is mocked by the teacher when she turns to him and says, "We are collecting this money for you and your kind...And furthermore we all know that you don't have a daddy." After that day he never wanted to return to school and felt shame everywhere he went. This seven year old boy, who dreamt of a better world, bares a striking resemblance to Harrison Bergeron's yearning for social change.The story Harrison Bergeron written by Kurt Vonnetgut, Jr. is about an "equal" society in which everyone is totally equal. For example if someone had a beautiful talent to share with the world that person had to imperfect the talent in someway so that it would be legal in that society, such as making someone who was extremely pretty wear a hideous mask. In this story there is a couple named Hazel and George who show the reader how many people lived in that society. Hazel is a naïve person who is unable to comprehend things describing to the reader how a typical person in that society is. Those who are "the unfortunate" such as George that have the ability to comprehend and realize thing or any other "inequality" are penalized by having to wear a handicapper....

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