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Modern Architecture Essay

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Throughout history there have been many styles of architecture such as Greek, Roman, and Gothic which were designed to be suitable and representative to their time periods. As architecture moved towards a more secular epoch and away from the romance and traditions of earlier epochs, modernism became the new style (Rohe, 246). With the rise of this new style people began to wonder how modern architecture should be designed and whether older epochs should be used as precedents. In The Artless Word: Mies van der Rohe on the Building Art, Mies van der Rohe describes how modern architecture should be designed based on the present epoch, be true to its purpose, and make use of modern technology.
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” Form is merely the result of our work (Rohe, 242). If the building is being used as an office then it should be design as a building with bright open workrooms, uncluttered, and undivided such as the “Office Building” by Mies van der Rohe (241). If it is going to be used as a factory then it should be designed as a factory with high large open workspaces such as the “Fagus Factory” by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer. “The purpose of a building is its actual meaning,” form should be determined according to the building itself instead of being based on the aesthetics aspects (246). Building problems should be solved instead of formal problems, “the form is not the goal but the result of our work” (Rohe, 247). The modern utilitarian structure will only grow into the art of building when it fulfils its purpose and becomes the instrument of the will of the epoch (Rohe, 246).
Concerning modern technology, the rise of the machine and new material played a huge role in modern architecture. In the past handicraft was the ideal work method, but was soon abolished by machines. Our needs exceeded to such...

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