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Contemporary Arts Essay

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Contemporary Arts Essay.I will discuss how the growth of technology and the effect of globalisation over the past century has impacted contemporary art practices, and why it has created a 'remix generation' amongst artists and musicians.Advancements in technology throughout the past century have significantly altered the way artists produce and distribute their work. Personal Computer (PC) software is now readily available to consumers, which allows anybody who wants to be an artist the resources they need to create a work. Ranging from music sequencer programs to Photoshop and imovie, each household with a PC has become a multimedia studio. The Internet and globalisation has given artists a direct source for worldwide inspiration and also a resource for various forms of media which can be downloaded and manipulated to produce new compositions. Within the different artistic disciplines, remixing, sampling and the re-use of existing media has become a trend amongst artists. Not only does the Internet give consumers access to media, it also gives them a tool to share their finished work with the world. Self Promotion and digital distribution of Music and Art has become a feature of 'generation flash' and the 'remix generation'. Over the past decade we have seen an increase of the 'long tail ' of the market, where the amount of unknown artists working from their home is increasing, creating more and more niche genres within the worlds of music and art."The development of post-production and image processing technologies received fresh impetus in the late eighties with the introduction of digital editing and effects software, which offered a series of improvements from previously available technology". The greatest aspect of the digital age is the ability to conduct processing without the deterioration of quality, which previously occurred with analogue technologies. This allows artists a lot more freedom when creating art. All digital media (texts, still images, visual or audio data), share the same digital code. This allows different media types to be displayed using one machine, a computer, which acts as a multimedia display device."Regarding Music, Remixing became possible by electronic and digital technology -sampling. With the availability of sampling technology, the practices of collage and montage that were always central to the twentieth century culture, became industrialised."Software tools such as Photoshop 1989 and After Effects 1993 have had the same effect on the fields of graphic design, motion graphics, commercial illustration and photography as sampling had on music. The Digital revolution has allowed the storage of different forms of media in the digital format, which allows for easily reproduction and manipulation, also the internet provides us with a library of already existing sources ready to be remixed. Now this is simply the basic logic of cultural production.Manovich explains, "A 'new media' object can be described formally...

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