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Modern Business Environment: Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is an important aspect in the modern business environment because it is a management approach that seeks to promote the long-term success of an organization through customer satisfaction. Generally, this concept entails the attitude, culture, and organization of a business or firm that seeks to satisfy customers’ needs by providing high-quality products and/or services. In essence, total quality management requires that the organizational culture to focus on quality in every aspect of the firm’s operations. This process includes focusing on doing things in the right way the first time in order to lessen waste and defects across all operations. Microsoft UK ...view middle of the document...

The growth of the information age is also attributed to the increased use of computers by the younger generation, especially for communication purposes. As a result of this growth, the idea of working without Internet research or emails is becoming an alien notion in the modern society. This rise, growth, and development of the information age have been characterized with the emergence of social networking sites or social media that have transformed information and communication. In addition, these developments have resulted in the surfacing of several companies in information technology industry such as Microsoft.
As previously mentioned, Microsoft one of the giants in the information technology industry with a huge customer base around the globe. The size of the firm’s customer base can be seen in the fact that nearly every computer use on the planet uses Microsoft’s products. Generally, Microsoft manufactures software products for computing devices including the renowned Windows operating systems and the Office Suite that includes Word and Excel programs. Given the size of its customer base, the company also has a huge workforce since it employs more than 75,000 workers in more than 102 countries around the world. By 2007, Microsoft Company had global revenue of $51.12 billion, which has made it a major company in this industry. One of the major important aspects in promoting Microsoft’s growth and development is effective management of customer relations and customer experiences. The company has constantly recognized the need to develop and maintain good customer relations because of the role customers play in the achievement of its business objectives and goals. Consequently, Microsoft has continually adopted approaches and systems that focus on building good relationships with customers, enhancing customer satisfaction, and promoting good customer experiences.
Despite being a leading giant in this industry and huge global revenue, Microsoft’s exponential growth during this period has usually indicated that the organization’s ability to manage complex interactions with customers and partners did not growth and develop at the same pace. Actually, Abigail Sharan of Microsoft UK recognizes that managing customer experience has been slightly challenging for the company (“Everybody Happy?” p.12). Microsoft seems to have experienced several challenges in promoting the growth of improved customer relations and experiences in equal measure like enhancing its productivity and success of the firm’s operations. This is regardless of its understanding of the need to align the organizational culture of product innovation with the needs of customers and partners. As part of ensuring that ethos is at the core of everything, Microsoft UK adopted a more open and collaborative initiative that was centered on customer and partner experience strategy (CPE). This strategy is a unified, organization-wide platform developed to ensure that...

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