Modern Business Management In Comparative Perspective

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IntroductionThe modern business management has been considered as an important part of the business management in the modern society, because it influences the whole member of the company. Consequently, it is likely to value and look about modern business management. And there are different modern business management styles because of different political and economic systems and cultural backgrounds. Different countries have their own traditional, specific cultures. A different form of cultural background for the company's globalization on human resources strategy has brought challenges. Therefore, human resources managers should know how to branch in different countries in a manner appropriate to implement different strategies. This essay is written about the strengths and weaknesses of the modern business management in the US, UK, Germany, China and Japan, and the international influences of each country.Modern business management in comparative perspectiveBecause of different political and economic systems and cultural backgrounds, the modern business management of each country is different. The backgrounds of modern business management have to discuss prior to the analysis of it.●Modern business management in the USThe United States is the first country which achieves the Economic Catching-up, and during the 80s in the 19th century, the United States industry accounts for highest percentage in the world which overpasses the United Kingdom and becomes the most important national industrial producer in the world. The United States did not export goods in the large-scale, instead it accepts a lot of immigrants who come from all over the world. Because of the Americans' variety, their special management mode was formed---"Encouragement".Because the US is an immigrant country, the American society advocates the individualism, so does the enterprise. The enterprise emphasizes on the strong personal spirit and the Management innovation.The Individualism in the U.S.A.'s social culture and practical spirit reflects the American cultural value orientation. The most significant characteristic of their cultural value is the pragmatism. In the American enterprise's management process, they pay more attention on the pragmatism. In Americans' mind, the person who starts from scratch is their hero. For example, the automobile king Ford and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, and so on. Those heroes initiate the enterprise emphasize on the pragmatism and practicality in their management culture.The American business management attaches great importance to individual value and what the individual can create for the enterprise. In another word, as long as the employee can finish the duty, the enterprises do not interfere their employees' working methods. Thus, as for the US enterprises the management proves that it is a very good encouragement and appraisal for the enterprises in the US to take the " fluffy " individualism management to staff, no matter...

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