Modern China Vs. Imperial China: A Comparative Essay

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Many citizens in America may think that China has carried on its tradition, economic policies, and political views through the centuries. In reality the Chinese customs, economic polices, and political views have changed and are no longer as strict, enforced, and rigid as they were a few millennia ago. China is now a country of technological advancements, economic tranquility, and hard working citizens. China is a vastly growing country and the world has not recognized this. If the world does not recognize the problems facing China it will slowly become an isolated country focused on traditions and simplicity.To many citizens around the world, it would seem that the traditional Chinese customs have carried on for many generation, and have not been forgotten. In fact they have done just the opposite, the customs have faded and are only practiced by a handful of Chinese citizens. China like any other country has been changing and continues to change. However, China has and still is facing numerous problems with change. When Jou Brown first set up the justice system in China it was opposed by many. Opposition is still a part of China and many aspects of the country are still challenged such as the economic policies, political views, trade partners, and relations. During the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) Confucianism was taught to the people of China. They believed that a leader must be a role model, everyone could become "perfect," and they can use their intelligence and wisdom to overcome obstacles instead of using brute force.During the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties the economic policies of China were adjusted once again. Western foreigners were watched closely to insure the safety of the Chinese people. The economy became firmer. In modern China, some believe that the internal affairs of China and economic progress were more important than worrying over a few western traders. The Ming dynasty contributed greatly to Chinese literature, art, and philosophy. It is recognized for its sea exploration, and its strong and complex government that unified and controlled the empire. However, it was the complexity of its government that prevented it from adapting to change in society, which soon led to its decline. The Qing dynasty, which took power, next was the most powerful dynasty that China had ever had. After a century of gloriousness the Qing dynasty became brittle and inflexible. The dynasty could not adjust itself to combat the new problems that arose. Bad harvests, warfare, rebellions, overpopulation, economic disaster, and foreign imperialism contributed to the dynasty's collapse. A revolution soon erupted in October 1911 and the emperor of the Qing dynasty, Xuantong (1912) stepped down and ended the last dynasty of China.Soon the views and economic structure were to be radically opposed and changed as China moved, slowly, into modernization. A leader by the name of Mao Zedong (1893-1976) believed that China must upgrade its...

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