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Modern Corruption, The Loss Of Meaning In Human Existence And The Loss Of The Traditional Ways Of Life

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The period between the First World War and the Second World War brought dramatic change to the values, lifestyles, norms and culture of the American way of life. It also brought a new kind of literary philosophy known as Modernism. Modernism was a movement which portrayed the world of men as a harsh and hostile environment in which life had lost its meaning and the American dream had disappeared completely from reach because of the corrupt world. Many of these modernist revealed their discontent with this new way of life with books and paintings that uncovered the ugliness of the society they lived in. One of the most famous books was the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald which follows a ...view middle of the document...

It also illustrates how traditional beliefs like Christianity had lost its meaning thanks to this new way of life. He also mentions that the book might be terrible stuff showing how little respect and care people had for religious figures. The whiskey also seems to represent the society Nick is living in since it is the one who corrupts his mind into distortion and dislikeness of the book. Nick’s drunken period ends up revealing the untraditional and corrupt way of life that the people during the time were having.
The misused and disrespectful use of the word God reveals the loss of belief in religious and traditional values caused by the new found values in society. Throughout the story the word God is thrown into context with ought any real respect in the word itself. It is often misused or just used in a way that disrespects the concept of God. Nick uses the word to describe how Gatsby believes or acts as if “He was a son of God” (105). Nick uses this to describe how Gatsby thinks he is really great and above most and even shows how they compare themselves to religious figures like Jesus Christ. This is of course far from traditional religious values since no one is ever supposed to compare themselves to a religious figure. This also shows how low the meaning of God or Jesus Christ have gone since people are comparing themselves to them. In addition, Daisy while dancing with Gatsby tells Nick to watch over the garden, “In case there’s a fire or a flood…or any act of God” (113). Daisy makes it seem like she only believes god does bad things since she mentions that the acts of god include floods or fires which are both very bad problems that can cause harm. This outlook on God shows how not only Daisy but society at the time has lost hope on God and traditional religious figures since they find not meaning to believing or worshiping them. This also shows how God and religion had lost their power and influence on people because of this belief that their pointless. The meaning that God and other religious values have disappeared thanks to society’s outlook on them both.
Daisy’s acts of selfishness and her description of her objective for...

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