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If you try to ask a hipster this question ‘”What is a Hipster?” he or she probably won’t have an answer and might not even consider themselves one” (Faulkner). Most hipsters do not consider themselves hipster because it has “quickly became a badge of shams” (Wise). Today, people largely see hipsters as “pretentious, fake and self-aggrandizing” and no one wants to be pit under a label that has come to mean something negative (Wise). Modern day hipsters are extremely different from the 1940s hepsters, which was what they were called back then, but they have influenced the music that is listened to now and the fashion styles that are worn today.
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Some example of indie artists are The Pigeon Detectives, Sunny Day Real Estate, Elliott Smith, and Death Cab for Cutie (Indie Music). The downside about music festivals is that the tickets are pricy and they usually last from 12 in the afternoon on a Friday to 11 A.M on Sunday. is one of the main websites that hipsters or anyone can use to discover new artists to listen to that are different from the normal pop, rap, and country music that plays all around today.
Denim, oversized and untucked shirts, flats, and natural hairstyles were some of the fashion trends that hipsters wore because they were different. They did not want to be seen like the rest of the society that was around them. “When it came down to it, the rule of hipster fashion back in the day was to break the rules” (Zheng). Hipsters today still wear the type of clothing they wore back then, but they make it more ironic. They will wear ironic t-shirts with bands names they probably never listen to like Pink Floyd or Rolling Stones. Also, hipsters will wear every type of print and pattern, such as plaid shirts, cowboy shirts, flannels, anything in gingham, etc (Corre). The type of bottoms they will wear are mostly high-waisted shorts and skinny jeans (Zheng). They shop at places like Goodwill and thrift store, if they want to avoid the main name brand stores like Hollister and Abercrombie. But if they prefer to shop at expensive yet cheap stores that hoave vintage- looking clothing, they will...

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