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Modern Day Slavery Essay

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In Bales and Soodalter’s essay, they explore the ways of modern slavery. The two authors claim that modern slavery is an example of “capitalism at its worst.” By definition, capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry and the means of production are controlled by private owners with a goal of making profit in a market society. Taking modern slavery into context, it can be determined that both capitalism and slavery maintain the same principles. Where as slavery is an economic system in which the trade of human beings creates profit of their owner and eventually their new owner. Modern slavery is truly capitalism at its worst because it demonstrates the true nature of how ...view middle of the document...

After doing the math, the worker would be making just over a penny for every pound of tomatoes. Where in the market, a pound of tomatoes will cost the public around three dollars. Where is all the profit going? The owners take advantage of these people exploiting them for their services and providing minimal to no pay.
When profit is the objective, the treatment of slaves is commonly overlooked. Slaves are commonly seen as objects in the eyes of their owner. They are abused, dehydrated, and starved. But as long as they can work, the owners do not care. In the case of Maria, a twelve-year-old illegal immigrant enslaved in America, her abuse was extreme. “When Maria wasn’t working, Sandra would chain her to a pole in the backyard without food or water. An eight-foot concrete fence kept her hidden from neighbors. After chaining her, Sandra would sometimes force Maria to eat dog feces.” (723) As terrible as it sounds, abuse like this commonly is over looked. Less than one percent of human trafficking cases are cleared each year. The diversity of the nation today promotes the level of secrecy of human trafficking. Back in the times of legal slavery, the slaves were either African or African American. That fact is obsolete in the modern day. “Modern day slaves come in all races, all types, and all ethnicities.” Human trafficking goes under the radar in society for this sole reason. The abuse and torture will never end with out a crack down on slavery in the modern day.
With diversity in society covering its tracks, slavery hardly goes...

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