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Modern European History And Politics University Modern History Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1971- 1963), was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States until he was killed in November of 1963.
On June 26, 1963 Kennedy gave his famous speech “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” in West Berlin. This essay will consider the historical context of “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”, the content and significance of this speech, as well as the response received from Kennedy’s speech.
Kennedy came to Berlin to give his speech to the citizens of the Democratic half of the country. His speech was aimed at the German nation, German leader and his indirect audience includes the USSR, communist countries and future generations. In his speech, Kennedy highlighted the support of the United States for West Germany, almost two years after Soviet supported East Germany constructed the Berlin Wall, in order to inhibit the emigration of individuals to West Germany. Kennedy’s speech was to display support for the individuals of Berlin post assembly of the Berlin Wall in relation to the threat that stood before them by the USSR.
During the time of Kennedy’s speech, Germany was undergoing issues. “The Cold War” is the term used to label the affiliation that established among the USA and the USSR following WWII. The Cold War conquered global affairs for years in which major crises arose, such as the Berlin Wall. Allied authorities (U.S, France, Britain and the Soviet Union) separated Germany into two districts (May 1998)[footnoteRef:1]. The eastern section of the nation went to the Soviet Union and the western region went to the United States, Great Britain and France (McAdams 1994)[footnoteRef:2] .These three allies shared West Germany and assisted in building a capitalist democracy .The relationships between the Soviet Union and the other Allies had collapsed rapidly. The atmosphere between the Allies converted from cooperative to destructive. [1: (May 1998)] [2: (McAdams 1994)]
Communism refutes individuals their rights as human beings. In Kennedy’s speech, he specifies that action must be undergone in order to cure the parting of the Berliners and the division of the globe in general, among communism and democracy. The tendency in Kennedy’s speech possessed an awareness that communism is conflicting with independence and contrasting in regards to the contemporary society. (May 1998)[footnoteRef:3]He demoralizes communism by indicating that democracy did not have to "put up a wall to keep out people in" (Kennedy 1963)[footnoteRef:4]. [3: (May 1998)] [4: (Kennedy 1963)]
Kennedy feared that the Russian hold on the East could spread beyond the wall and into the western world, he explains that equality may not flawless but it has never constructed a wall to keep its citizens in, in order to keep them from leaving. Saying "Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free” (Kennedy 1963)...

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