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Modern Family Matter Essay

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In the article “Modern Family Matters” by Nicholas Kristof the author talks about two main topics family breakdown and the rise of the single parent household. He believes that being a single parent brings a lot of effects such as long term poverty, poor development outcomes, and poor education. The author and reader such as (Colton1) felt that this topic was a neglected topic that isn’t much expressed or talked of. Kristof wants to argue the issues of what being a single parent of a house hold can do to the child as well as the parents. As an author he states facts and made understanding about his topic and got sources for what he felt should be expressed. His argument of the topic was effective because he supported his reason for broken homes but ineffective because he never really took a stance and gave suggestion to his readers. The purpose of the article is the claim of broken families. He believes if families were broken we as a whole help break them, and he make his point by using rhetorical devices such as logos and ethos.
Kristof start his argument by stating (Lucinda 2) who said “hesitancy to face the problem may result from fear of accusations”. The reason the author chooses to write to this particular audience is because this broken family is a topic that never get recognize. Of course Kristof stated that it doesn’t matter about a marriage certificate as long as both parents are committed to
Carter 2
raising the child. As to have care and love for the child as they grow. The author believes that marriage is being undefined because of the war on poverty welfare program. Studies have shown that the birthrate of single mothers has been rising since 1940’s. As long as the government can help these single women there’s no point of getting married. So in his eyes he sees the government being a more beneficial support system to single parent mothers. As this topic come into place he never doubted the subject he more so wanted to find justification of this issue that’s was growing on the poverty. He showed his concern about the topic by explaining that the issue is critical in addressing poverty. The author gives his readers knowledge about the topic as well as an insight of what could be done to help prevent this situation from happening.
The author audience for this argument will be single parents or people who are living in poverty. As an author he chooses to make this topic more clearly to his readers because this is a neglected topic that no one wants to discuss. Kristof uses a good form of language for this argument he made it understanding to where people can understand and follow the flow of his argument. He gets straight to the point for this topic and he use positive and affected result to disarm the issue of single parent homes.
As Kristof get more into his topic he takes into consideration of what he feels will work for this issue. He uses a great...

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