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Modern Feminism Essay

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I would like to start with the fact that many people fear and oppose feminism. The word "feminism" has many connotations. Some include lesbians, feminazis, man-haters, and baby-killers. It is interesting to note that all these words convey some negative feeling. It has become rare to describe feminism as female empowerment or as an organised activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. Why has feminism taken on such a negative meaning? It is a very difficult and disputable issue. In my opinion, any strong and independent woman is labelled as a feminist. Very often a concept "feminist-woman" deals with false assumptions about her sexual preference, cultural beliefs, and general outlook on life. It's not at all easy to describe a feminists, because all of them have their own ideas and beliefs. And in order to point out what feminism actually is we should apply to some traditional view of this concept. Feminism is traditionally considered to be a social and intellectual movement that seeks to transform individuals and society. Its goal is to create a society that is equitable for all women and man by eliminating discrimination based on gender, race, race, ethnicity, class, age, religion beliefs, sexuality and other negative biases. Many feminists believe that these types of oppression intersect with and intensify each other.The USA model of feminism describes it as "the gender ideology of society". It is everywhere - in politics, the law, the schools, the universities, the churches, the business world and the family.I think it is necessary to point out that the term feminism originated in France and is usually associated with British and American women. The so-called first-wave-feminists appeared in 1880s when they advocated for their right to vote. They believed that the emancipation of women hinged on changing relations between women and men, between women and the institution of family, and between women and the state.Feminism re-emerged as a significant social movement in the 1960s. This second-wave-feminism wasn't limited to political activism.I paid some attention to the history of feminism because the topic of this essay concerns with modern feminism. And It is often said that modern late 20th century feminism has its roots in the movements for women's political and civil rights in America and Britain during the 19th century. The women's movement of the last quarter of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century was however a very different kettle of fish from modern feminism.Classical, traditional feminism asserted women's rights on the basis of their being individual human beings of equal moral weight to men. Women claimed to be regarded, respected and treated as human beings, of full age and natural abilities, and not as infants or beautiful angels, to whom the laws of civil and social justice do not apply.The understanding of a woman as a housewife, as a so-called "Angel in the House" emphasised female martyrdom,...

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