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Modern management was greatly influenced by researchers such as: Adam Smith, Frederick Taylor, Elton Mayo, Abraham Manslow, Douglas McGregor and Rensin Likert. There are many different management approaches today and they all have evolved from the styles of the past. During my research of these individuals I learned how each of them played an important role in molding of modern management styles. I will describe in detail how each of these great researchers contributed to modern day management styles.

One of the great influences on modern day management is Adam Smith.
“Adam Smith is considered the father of ‘classical’ economics” He is recognized for “the Wealth of Nations” which is a series of five books based on economics (McCreadie). Adam Smith is also known for his contributions in the systematic approach management, the goal of this approach was to simplify tasks and divide them up into specialized labor. This approach was ideal for the manufacturing industry. However. “The systematic management approach emphasized economical operations, adequate staffing, and organizational control and this approach focused more on completing task than the well being of the workers” (bateman, sneel).

Frederick Taylor was able to identify the disconnect in the systematic approach (bateman, sneel) and introduced “The Principles of Scientific Management” also known as “Taylorism” which focused on increasing worker and organizational efficiency (Giorgio Zuffo). Scientific management as defined in laid down the fundamental principles of large-scale manufacturing through assembly-line factories. It emphasizes rationalization and standardization of work through division of labor, time and motion studies, work measurement, and piece-rate wages.

After the implementation of systematic and scientific approaches that focused on effectiveness and efficiency of the workers and had little contribution or concern for the worker themselves evolved what is known as Human Relation Management. Human relation management is the study of group behavior for the purpose of improving interpersonal relationships, as among employees as defined in the dictionary. Key contributors to Human Relation Management are...

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