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Contemporary Religion In America Essay

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Religion is a very difficult topic to approach. To discuss religion, is to walk through a mine field. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs. In contemporary America, it is popular now turn from established religions or to have no religion at all. It is not difficult to believe how science and technology played a major role in contemporary religion in America by making our society secular. As our ability to attain knowledge through technology broadens, it allows people to analyze their own religion and interpret it in their own way.

Religion has stricken much debate over its origins. Some finds propose that some sort of religion was present since the beginning of mankind. Evidence of sacrificial ceremonies can relate the relationship between man and animal, and between man and his natural environment. Another theory of the birth of religion came from the “Near East” from the polytheistic views of the Hindu. They believed there were gods and goddesses of fire, wind, rain, and earth which lead to them making ceremonial prayers for rain, sunshine, or health. The pantheistic views, from African and American Indian cultures, briefly meant all is God. And the monotheistic views which is believed to have come from 2000BC. One can only question, what purpose does religion serve in today’s society? And what does society, as a whole, feel it needs to know?

America is a melting pot of culture and race. Thus, bringing many different types of religious faiths to today’s society. Whether the beliefs are ancient, new, reconstructed or if people have no faith at all, it is all in America. It is difficult to scrutinize one religion without it concerning another. All religions have diverse beliefs ranging from; the belief of salvation through a higher being, to salvation attained through insight into the ultimate nature of reality. All religions address a similar form of life after death, eternal heaven, hell or rebirth. Religion also teaches, shows the learner rather, the path to take so that his or her after life is joyful. This is what people are looking for, a sense of direction for their life.
However, in the United States, the power of technology and science has made our society not to be regarded as religious or spiritual. Our society’s religious beliefs can be looked at as very odd. With the separation of...

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